Meet the ladies of Aegli

We are a group of women from Kos who envisioned the creation of a women's cooperative to promote local gastronomy. We managed to give breath to our vision with the enactment of the 4019/11 law and the support of the island's municipal authority.

The first Social Cooperative Company on the island

We established the first Social Cooperative Company on the island and the second in Greece.

The enterprise operates with the principles of the Social Solidarity Economy.

With knowledge and sensitivity to the problems faced by women in special labour market access, a total of 15 women, heads of large families, children of single parents and women over 50 are working in the business.

We consciously chose to set up our business with Law 4019/11, which foresees that the partners are paid only with their salary, if they work in the business, and the company's profits are necessarily invested in creating new jobs.

The aim of our effort is to highlight and promote our local gastronomy as an integral part of our cultural tradition and history and to link local production to tourism in order to make local gastronomy a pole of attraction and a lever for a different tourist development.

With respect to our compatriots and visitors, we aspire to have only friends, who will appreciate our work and our effort.